LSOM is an independent art school that teaches mosaic art to children and adults. It offers specialist short courses, workshops, accredited training and a Diploma and BA in Mosaic Studies, the first of its kind in the UK.  The school undertakes commissions, working closely with our clients to create pieces that surpass their expectations. It has created a variety of mosaics for a vast range of clients; from small portraits for private individuals through to large scale mosaics for hotels, councils and railway companies.

London School of Mosaic was previously known as Southbank Mosaics, a not-for-profit social enterprise whose aim was to bring together world class mosaic artists to civilise and decorate the minimalist face of London. Founded by David Tootill, the social mission was, and continues to be, to work with vulnerable young people, improving neighbourhoods and transforming public realm for all to enjoy.



The project was set up by mosaicist  Tessa Hunkin, one of the founders of Mosaic Workshop,  who guides the work of a team of dedicated volunteers.  Tessa describes the work of the Project:  "Some of the volunteers are referred by Lifeline, an organisation that helps people in recovery from issues with drugs and alcohol, some are recovering from mental health problems and some are members of the local community.  Everyone works together on a shared task that creates a focus for an informal and friendly social group. Beginners and regulars, skilled and unskilled - all can make a valuable and individual contribution.  There is also the opportunity for volunteers to develop their ideas and work on personal projects.  All our previous projects (all in Hackney, London) are open to the public".  Click here to visit the Hackney Mosaic Project and to see some wonderful pictures of the team's work.